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Brunch with Desb Podcast

May 15, 2022

Becoming a mother last year has given me an entirely different perspective on the entire process and I found a GEM of a woman I wanted to bring on here and share her expertise and insight with you. Karrie Locher is an incredible woman but just a badass content creator as well (you'll hear me hype her up multiple times...

May 8, 2022

Recording this super early in preparation of giving birth to Archie and this subject is super meta because I know this can be a challenging time for a lot of people. Those having trouble conceiving, those who have lost a mother or mother figure, or those who are single and want a family. I try my best to be...

May 1, 2022

This was a fun one for me to record a few weeks out from giving birth and I'm feeling huge but great. I want to catch you up on a few things from Hydrojug and Paragaon to answering a few of your questions.


Time Stamps:


(0:30) God Damn Jacuzzi Jets

(4:40) Hydrojug Mini

(9:00) Feeling Huge but Great

(13:05) The...

Apr 24, 2022

OMG Archie is almost here and today's episode is basically us on the phone (with you just listening to me ramble) about the thoughts and emotions I'm currently feeling before my birth. I am very pregnant and emotions are at an all time high but I'm excited to document this experience and I feel more prepared with this...

Apr 17, 2022

My sister is back with me on today's episode and we are talking pregnancy #1 vs pregnancy #2 and how we both viewed it from our own experience. Some of our first pregnancy actions were… cringe worthy to say the least. Enjoy and let us know what you think!


Time Stamps:


(0:10) My Sister and Full Vagina